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Wolfe Mountain in Branson is home to the only Snowflex park within the Midwest, where snow tubing is offered year round.

Snowflex will be a substitute for snowfall, and according to Wolfe Mountain, it needs no grooming and is usually a safer alternative because it provides a softer surface for a fall than hard-packed snow.

The Snowflex is a polymer composite, which acts like a carpet on the slope and therefore does not need to be resurfaced. Overall, it is more consistent compared to snow.

The Snowflex hill at Wolfe Mountain is definitely 400 feet long plus 60 ft wide, accompanied by a conveyor belt that takes you back up the slope after making it to the bottom.

Anyone 3 years and older can tube on the Snowflex hill in Wolfe Mountain, but 3- to-6-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult. Packages for a hour of tubing on the slope are $34. 99 for adults plus $29. 99 for children.

Tubes are available at the slope. The only requirements with regard to clothing are close-toed shoes and pulled-back hair, if it can be long, although casual athletic wear is certainly encouraged regarding comfort.

Conditions change from the park when it really snows, said Ryan Gdovin, general manager intended for Branson Zipline and Snowflex Park, Wolfe Mountain.

“Ironically enough when it snows on Snowflex, it’s pretty hard in order to make it all the way down whenever its powdery, and too fast to stop when its icy, ” Gdovin said. “We have to hit the right balance each day. ”

“But for the particular entire fall season even into late December while the weather is cool, the Snowflex works at the optimal performance. Here in the Ozarks, our winters are generally fairly mild so we don’t see many days that it’s not running well. ”

Wolfe Mountain also offers zipline canopy tours and options to get birthdays plus private events throughout the winter season.

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