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development with WordPress courses

Discover how to build a website using WordPress without any coding experience – an ideal course for beginners with little or no prior WordPress experience.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen offers this LinkedIn learning tutorial designed for students, small business owners, or anyone wishing to develop their WordPress development skills. This class covers the fundamentals of WordPress development such as setting up sites and managing content inventories.


No matter your level of experience in web development or your starting out from scratch, these online classes will help you master the fundamentals of WordPress development. Each offers different learning approaches; with some providing downloadable resources while others offering self-paced lessons.

These courses cover an extensive array of topics, from creating content for websites to designing custom templates and plugins. All are carefully-paced with clear explanations that build knowledge step-by-step.

This course is ideal for beginners, as it assumes no prior knowledge or technical expertise. Furthermore, it covers many popular plugins to extend the power of WordPress such as Yoast SEO and WooCommerce – keeping up-to-date and organized into modules – though it does not cover coding so will not suit developers looking to customize WordPress with code.


WordPress plugins give website owners nearly unrestricted control over the functionality and appearance of their sites without needing coding experience or being part of a web development community. There are literally thousands of available plugins from around the world.

These plugins include video players for posts and pages, text editing tools, page layout features, as well as popular ones such as Yoast for search engine optimization, WooCommerce for e-commerce solutions, and social media integrations.

Courses provide students with the knowledge needed to create custom links, duplicate pages in WordPress and add widgets, as well as learn PHP programming language – the front-end language used by WordPress – and JavaScript programming language, both of which control various aspects of presentation dynamically. Additionally, students may learn PHP as the main programming language used by themes and plugins while JavaScript controls dynamic aspects of display dynamically.


WordPress themes are integral components of the platform and can have an enormous impact on its functionality. They often go beyond simple aesthetic changes to include features like page builders and slider designers – for instance an eCommerce theme may incorporate both shopping cart modules as well as full checkout options into its features.

Themes often integrate seamlessly with the front-end of your WordPress site, making JavaScript knowledge necessary. If you’re interested in learning how to code its front end, Udemy offers several free and high-quality courses.

Joy of WP provides WordPress tutorials at both free and premium levels, offering both videos for Getting Started, Links, Themes, Plugins, Blogging and Hosting. Their videos are user-friendly.

UX Design

UX design courses can help you build a website that is intuitive for visitors. Furthermore, this training may also increase performance by decreasing page loads needed to load each item on the page.

Utilizing WordPress UX design skills can increase customer support on your site by adding features such as live chat. These tools make it easier for customers to locate what they’re searching for and resolve issues faster – leading to more sales and return visits for you and your site visitors alike.

If you’re interested in joining the WordPress design team, join the Slack channel dedicated to WP designers and read through the Design Section Handbook. Depending on how well coordinated this all-volunteer team is, follow their workflows and schedules closely in order to be effective in contributing.


In this WordPress course, you’ll gain the skills needed to use images, embed YouTube videos and link buttons directly to pages. Furthermore, we will explore the differences between posts and pages; posts allow for commenting while pages don’t.

Learn to create and add content using WordPress, including articles, blog posts and photos. Gain knowledge about PHP programming language used by WordPress as well as CSS which is used to control how your page looks to visitors.

LinkedIn Learning’s WordPress courses for beginners are well-scripted and free from technical jargon, making this course perfect for novice users. Starting from purchasing your domain to setting up hosting services – everything needed to create an amazing WordPress site!